You Will Not Replace Us !


Davocracy. Davos is the ski resort, in Switzerland, where the Great Financiers of the world, bankers, presidents of multinational companies, directors of financial institutions, plain billionaires, congregate once a year to debate over the affairs of the world and their own. Davocracy is their way to manage the “human park” (Sloterdijk), the government by Davos.

Direct davocracy. Direct davocracy is the gestion of the human park without intermediaries, specially through the neutralization of the political strata and political personnal. Macronism is by far the best example of direct davocracy.

Fakeal (faussel). Inverted real, fake or false real (one could also say falseal, or fakreal). Mediatic invention of the world, by suppression and creation. Doing as if Great Replacement was not happening, pretending it is not, is the essence of fakeal.

Global replacism (remplacisme global). The whole body of measures, mecanisms, ideals and interests which promote and impose susbstitution of everything everywhere for the sake of general interchangeability and profit. Equality and antiracism are the best allies of global replacism.

Great Replacement (Grand Remplacement). The change of people and civilization, via mass migration.  

Industries of hebetude. All the institutions which concur to the permanent creation of the Fakeal, and to general acceptance of the Great Replacement and global replacism. The Industries of hebetude have three main branches : the educational system, which provides the teaching of oblivion ; the complex of mass imbecillisation (media, television, show business, “music”) ; and drugs. Teaching of oblivion and mass imbecillisation are still pricipally run by remplacists, drug distribution is already in the hands of remplacers (and provides a good part of the funds for conquest and replacement).

In-nocence (In-nocence) is a way of spelling the word innocence to emphasize the fact that it is the negation or removal of nocence ; that nocence come first. Inocence is what is usually lost through experience ; in-nocence is what is sometimes gained from experience. Innocence is a regret, in-nocence is an aspiration, an ideal.

Little Replacement (Little Remplacement). Change of culture, of social  class ofreference for culture. Replacement of high culture by popular culture, showbusiness, entertainment, gestion of leisure. Small Replacement is never so obvious that at the death of a pop culture star. 

Nocence (nocence). Nocence is what innocence, or in-nocence, is the contrary of. Nocence  is the fact to cause prejudice, to do harm (from the latin nocere), either to nature, culture, the earth, air, beauty, goods, persons. It goes from putting one’s feet on the seats of suburban trains to mass terrorism. “Nocence, instrument of Grand Replacement” (a lecture in Paris, 2010). 

Replacees. Indigenes of any given country, when they are being invaded, occupied, colonized, replaced by replacers.

Replacers. Migrants, immigrants, “refugees”, invaders, colonisers, occupants.

Replacism. Ideological and economical system which wants to impose 1/ the Great Replacement, the change of people and civilization (especially in France, and Europe) 2/ global replacism, the universal taylorian tendency to substitution.

Replacists. Active or passive partisans or promoters of the Great Replacement and global replacism. Replacists replace sheep by wolwes — they will be eaten first.

Undifferentiated Human Matter (UHM). Man (and woman) such as industrially treated by global replacism, egalitarianism, antiracism. No races, no sexes, no cultures, no nationalities, no origins, no discrimination. 

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